diabetic shoes

One pair of diabetic shoes are covered per year by Medicare. There are three reasons why diabetics shoes are better than traditional shoes for patients with diabetes

  1. Diabetic shoes have no interior stitching and the collar around the ankle is padded. Even the smallest prominence can irritate the skin leading to infections
  2. The shoe itself has added depth with an enlarged toe box, to accommodate pressure points such as bunions and hammertoes
  3. The diabetic insert that comes with the shoe prevents back and forth motion in the shoe (known as shearing). This helps reduce the formation of blisters, the root cause of diabetic ulcers.

Dr. Kenneth Donovan uses the company Anodyne for his diabetic patients. He chose this company because they strictly adhere to the above principles without sacrificing on style. Today’s patient doesn’t like to walk around with traditional diabetic “moon shoes”, and seeks a sleeker alternative. Furthermore Anodyne shoes are the lightest weight shoes on the market. This allows for better ambulation and less falls than with traditional heavier diabetic shoes.

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