clearanail1New cutting edge technology in the battle against nail fungus is here. Introducing Clearanail, advanced micro drilling system for the treatment of onychomycosis. Utilizing Clearanail’s patented technology, we are able to drill precise 0.4mm holes into the infected nail plate, allowing access to the diseased nail bed. No longer do you have to apply expensive topical medications for months on end, or taking oral medications with potential side effects.

In less than 20 minutes, multiple micro pathways are created in the nail plate without pain or discomfort. This is done with a special fail safe sensor on the drill that detects when the nail plate is penetrated and shuts off automatically.

After creation of the pathways, patients the apply a low cost topical medication regularly to the nail, which easily absorbs through the nail plate to kill the fungus. Patient are seeing results within 2-8 weeks from the start of treatment. So come in today to try the new advanced treatment option for nail fungus at any of our office locations.

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